Philip Grossman - Principal

Philip Grossman’s fascination with art, technology and their applications began with a birthday gift from his uncle: a Ricoh KR5 Super camera. He was 13. From that day forward, he has explored how the human eye perceives light, how cameras and their attendant technologies capture the eye’s images, and how the heart and mind receive them. In business, he has harnessed that artistry and technology to create iconic images, which in turn create personal and corporate images in the public eye.

 Armed with dual degrees in architectural/civil engineering and illumination engineering from the University of Colorado, Grossman went to work for renowned lighting design firm Grenald and Associates in Philadelphia. There his lighting and design work included projects for the Kennedy Center, Banana Republic and for the cities of Baltimore and Philadelphia. Moving to Georgia in the mid-1990s, he earned an MBA with concentration in information technology and marketing from the University of Georgia. For many years afterwards, he was a senior consultant for Ernst & Young in Atlanta, before going out on his own as an independent consultant. He specialized in streamlining systems, producing elegantly simple solutions to complex technological and marketing problems.

Still, Grossman nourished his artistic impulses by continuing to pursue photography, eventually landing a solo show at BigHouse Gallery and a show at the Kai Lin Gallery in Buckhead, which still represents his work. His training is particularly reflected in his unique landscapes and architectural scenes, often achieved after extensive research and preparation. He explains, “My background is technical – as an engineer, I’ve always been fascinated by how things work. In my photography, however, emotion is key. My goal is to evoke an instant, instinctive reaction.”

That’s Grossman’s trademark: Comprehensive technical, business and artistic abilities combined to create photographs that seem organic and effortless.


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