"Chernobyl: Zone of Exclusion" is a comprehensive collection of over 300 rare and unique photographs captured by Philip Grossman during his four day excursion in November 2011 to the site of the worlds worst and most infamous nuclear disaster. During his trip, Philip gained unfettered access to photograph 29 separate locations throughout the Chernobyl nuclear complex and the nearby abandoned city of Pripyat, an area currently referred to as the Zone of Exclusion. The entire Chernobyl collection includes photos from an abandoned children's summer camp, vehicle graveyards, several school, and the interiors of the never completed reactors #5 and #6, as well as extremely rare images of the control room of reactor #4, the site of the nuclear catastrophe." Below is a small sample of images from the collection. Philip is currently working on a curated show for the images. Please sign our guestbook to be notified about the gallery showing

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