Building your image with our images


Philip Grossman Photographic Images (PGP Images) works like no other commercial photography studio or ad agency, integrating our experience in fine art photography, marketing techniques and state-of-the-art technology to reflect your brand’s unique image. Using still and moving pictures, we work with clients to build a distinct personality for your company or product. We can either work with you, from the ground up, to create your image and the photography that will support it; or we can custom-design moving and still images that sync seamlessly with your established message. These custom-created images speak volumes about your brand without saying a word.

With degrees in lighting design and architectural engineering, and professional experience in fine art photography, IT and corporate marketing, Philip Grossman established the company in 2009. During his 20 years’ experience as a consultant for several Fortune 100 firms, he became intimately acquainted with the need for world-class imagery to accomplish marketing departments’ goals – as well as to satisfy his own or other designers’ artistic aims. PGP Images incorporates Grossman’s disparate professional interests with companies’ needs for standout profiles in an increasingly image-driven media marketplace.  

The company’s unique blend of creativity, technological skill and corporate experience  allows clients to craft unique, unforgettable images for advertising, marketing, the internet and television. PGP Images can also supply fine art photography and moving images for discriminating personal collectors, interior designers, restaurants, hotels and corporate installations.



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